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Company is a fraud. If its a monthly fee why would they charge ine week later.

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Realized I had gone over the 7 day free access. I was charged the 39.99 for the service, which I understood. However, when I called on the 9th day (2 days over) to cancel so that I would not be charged another month I was cancelled from the sight immediately with no access. When asked why I was not allowed the remainder of the month, I was given the exscuse that I agreed to be charged the 39.99 if I did not cancel. I explained that since I was... Read more

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Michelle Forest please cancel my membership.

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i signed up for scoresense for my free trial, and notices during the sign up process that if i dont cancel in 7 days i will be charged 39.95 a month, which after i got on the site and realized not only do i get all three of my reports and scores, i am also covered with a million in id theft insurance, so i called because the 39.95 was too much for me the wonderful agent i spoke with offered me the same services for 19.95 a month i was elated,... Read more

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Never got my correct credit scores so cancel my membership and do not draft my account. Want no further tranctions done close my membership

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I was on a mortgage site filling out a form for information on a Quickenloan. It said it needed our credit score and I had to pay a $1.00 fee to get the where did it say it was a monthly membership and now we have a 39.95 charge. I have called my bank fraud line and had it removed. WHAT A SCAM. I am a well educated person and have always been very cautious with my credit report information. Since it was part of the Quickenloan site... Read more

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Same problem as many of y'all but never got scored and the guy doing my application never told me about it was a trail membership finally got my cancel got money refunded thatsame day they took out another payment now I have attorney going to take my case after all complaints and seem people not being honest with clients I recomend that no one use this service

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I checked my credit score, and i payed the $1 that it costs but for the last two months this scoresence has taken $39.95 off my cardfor my ssi. First time it was taken was on september 1st and then again another 39.95 was taken frim my card on September 30th. I need my money refunded to my card asap cause i never authorized it. And i am also on a fixed income. Pleade contact me regarding this problen. I can be reached at 4698593 or 814968484 Read more

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i asked to hasve my membership stop a day after they took my money out i asked for a prorated they gave me a dollar but kept my $39.95 and said because im past my free service i am now being charged $39.95 now mind you they are not monorting my account but yet still keeping the $39.95 this is a bad company to do any buisness with do not buy from them they are a RIP-OFF again a RIP-OFF.... I HAVE NOTHING BUT BAD VIBES WITH THIS COMPANY I LEARNED... Read more

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I did not apply for this and you went into my account Read more

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