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Scoresense Trial Membership Review

They're thieves! I tried to get a free a credit report. I signed up for free trial. I called and cancelled. It was after hours and left a message. I have time and date on my phone. 10/21/2016 at 4:59pt and they withdrew money anyways and when I called to get refund they denied it. #CROOKEDASSTHIIEVES!
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i asked to hasve my membership stop a day after they took my money out i asked for a prorated they gave me a dollar but kept my $39.95 and said because im past my free service i am now being charged $39.95 now mind you they are not monorting my account but yet still...
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I didn't like
  • Although i cancelled during trial they kept charging wont refund

Scoresense Membership Review

Tried to unsubscribe after I got my scores and was unable to here it is 3 months & 3 charges later, 1 of which over drew my account. All because I can't get its such a pain to get let off!

Scoresense - I canceled membership

They keep taking money out of my account that's stealing, since I don't use the membership, I try sending them a email, oh wow have locked account , but they continue to take my money for free, why aren't the FEDS on them,
I was identity thefted through my cellular phone. I didnt know it until June 2006. Well my daughter inlaw allowed me to use her card for a trial period for a annual report. I called and canceled it after the first check. My poor daughter in laws credit info was...
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Yes they refunded the money and gave a 50% discount on my service when I signed up.

Shasta Lake,California

The first of june I spoke to one of your reps and they said they would cancel me. Then i n july you charged me again. This time you took me off but you never refunded the 39.95Cvharge. Why is it you do not back up your employees? Prove to me you are a honest business...
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These people are cheaters. I will definitely expose them. They are cheaters. They cheated me for credit history. Please expose them I am trying my best. They eaten my money. My hard money they have looted. I really cannt forgive this company. I will try my best to...
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I didn't like
  • O give you all a 0
  • Fact they will not refund my money
  • Billing
I did not sign up for membership. When I called to cancel they offered me a special deal to join for only $19.99. I told the guy this was a scam and I just wanted to cancel. He said before I got a refund it had to be reviewed. They only refunded me $1.00 and have...
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Same happened with me. Do you suggest what I need to do?


Yes, I have been scammed, too, and plan to expose them for the charlatans that they are. Joyce in Willow Spring, NC

I didn't like
  • Pissed
Scoresense is a SCAM. They charge me of $39.95 that I did not authorize. Now they wont refund my money and I am scared that they will charge more.
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Tell your bank to send you as new card with a different number, and tell the bank why. I did. I'm concerned that ScoreSense has access to my private credit info, and will use ...


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Scoresense Account Review

I've never requested this company's service yet they have taken out a few of $29.95 from my account for the past 2 years and I've been fighting with the entire billing department for weeks trying to have my funds refunded to me. I've given them until Monday before I contact an attorney !
Parkway-South Sacramento,California
I didn't like
  • Being lied to or tricked