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I signed up for a free trial on 10NOV. Called on 17NOV to cancel and spoke to "David", who launched into a sales pitch to retain my business.

He only managed to further devalue the service by lowering the price. I do not conduct business with companies that don't provide their best price first. This sales tactic fails with me 100% of the time. "David" provided me with a cancellation number only after he had exhausted his scripts for retention.

He then told me that I was beyond the trial period, which I disputed, as I had made an entry in my calendar to call and cancel WITHIN the period. I followed up with an email to customer care directly after the phone call. That was three days ago and I have received no response. I emailed again to inform them that this was unacceptable.

I then contacted my financial institution to dispute the transaction. Step 3 is this...a negative review, which Scoresense earned fair and square. I will say that the information was complete and accurate. I would have been willing to pay a one time fee for it even.

However, free is free and I am frugal. I don't appreciate and won't condone trickery. Shame on you, Scoresense!

I will offer you a 'free trial' in return...you have 24 hours to reverse your erroneous charge to my account to avoid a formal complaint with the BBB, in addition to the top three online review sites. The choice is yours and the clock starts now, at 10:38am CST.

Product or Service Mentioned: Scoresense Trial Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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WTF is "scoresense" ?

By failing to inform the masses of the nature of your complaint, it is heretofore -



You have failed Complaining 101.

You never even told us what "ScoreSense" is.

Sympathy level = 0

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