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Charged fees for two months. We never signed up for the service.

We look to contest the fees. NO idea how they got one of our email address or credit cards. I called to cancel. They would not do it because it was registered under my wife's account.

My wife called. Again the consumer gets the raw end of the deal. I need to file an issue with the BBB. We will likely find out how corrupt the business is after this continues for a while and some big law firm files a class action suit against them.

This is like Wells Fargo, where the company's CEO did not know that corrupt sales practices are going on. What can a person say?

You know it wrong and all you can try to do is get the word out that DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO BUSINESS WITH THEM

The next bad thing. They have and are ripping off hundreds of people and have no remorse about it.

Review about: Scoresense Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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beware. they seem to be able to get into all financial and personal info.Since I was held in financial hostage; my email was hacked, I had to open new account.I cancelled my credit card. They are now charging my new account.My checking account had suspicious activity, I had to open a different.They are blocked from my cc..but still they manage to get $39.95 mo.To this day they are charging me $39.95.My credit card company is assisting me reimbursing my loss of $270.


Had the same issue today! I had to put a block on my debit card.

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Hello, we would like to address your concerns you raised. Please get in contact with us at 1-800-972-7204

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