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Early August 2014 I was looking for a house to buy or to rent. Somehow in the process I must have come to a portal that required to fill in information in order to view certain properties I was interested in.

So that was the initial start of the never ending charges that I did not even realize since I never got a confirmation of my membership or a receipt via e-mail which I would imagine should be standard practice for any business. On August 6th I realized that my account was charged with 29.95 and I sent them an e-mail requesting to cancel my account that I never wanted from begin with. Their response acknowledged my request and informed me that I had to call them in order to cancel. So I called them and they insisted in wanting to get my credit card number in order to cancel, but my point was that if they have my card number to charge me they should have the number to cancel.

After all I was not asking for a refund but rather to cancel the account. I finally gave in and gave in and them the number and was told that the account was cancelled. I am a truck driver and most of the time on the road and in my head this chapter was closed. To my surprise in the beginning of December 2014 I found yet another charge from them and after checking all account activity realized that they kept on charging my account religiously month after month.

So I called them again and this time I was really looking for the confirmation e-mail. Since I don't want another surprise I notified my bank and requested a new card and at this time I just want to see what happens next.

My request for a refund was denied and I guess all I can do is file with small claims court to get my money back. Really sad that those mfs are praying on victims with the least resources to defend themselves and I think that any company selling anything online or offline should at least offer an invoice and a receipt for funds received.

Product or Service Mentioned: Scoresense Membership.

Reason of review: ignored cancellation request.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Got cancellation confirmation.

I didn't like: Being tricked unwanted membership, No initial confirmation, Could not cancel.

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Very similar thing happened to me although mine was fraudulent from beginning to end security breach at a personal level people making charges of all sorts the service ironic as it is was purchased for 2995 I called to get a refund and explain the fraudulent activity after arguing back and forth they agreed to cancel this membership refund my money and it my request flag any and all information of mine so if it reappeared in any capacity it would not be accepted after several days of not seeing the refund I called back this time they could not locate any of my information email credit card number phone number nothing so apparently they have kept my money and simply deleted my information so there's no record of it pocketed my money and walked away extremely frustrating when I call back there is no point of reference so they tell me they cannot help me if they cannot locate any of my information which is a big surprise sure this happens daily and if you work the numbers just one a day generates a nice revenue for them since it doesn't make Financial sense to pursue any legal remedies over $30 attack on the principal involved and I'm all in so the best I can do is go out of my way to post my experience wherever I possibly can hopefully preventing others from darkening the internet door of this company's website

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I wish somebody would contact me and make my loss whole again here's my email just for grins as I'm sure I will continue not receive any assistancebmartinurbanwarrior@gmail

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