Scoresense - Did not sign up

Some how they got all my info and started billing me I did not sign up

Scoresense - Scores where completely wrong

I paid to see my scores and then went directly to each bureau and the scores did not match

Scoresense - Fraud

Somehow this company got my card info and have been charging me for over 4 months. I,never have heard of them. Thats is why i looked up the strange charge on my,account. Do not use tjem
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A week ago I received some information that had me concerned that I may have been a victim of identity theft. I wanted my credit reports immediately and Scoresense was the avenue I chose to get them. However, when I needed to pay the fee of $1 for a free trial week the...
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I signed up for the $1 dollar first time fee using my Visa card to obtain my credit score from Scoresense. Beware of the fine print!! My latest statement revealed to me that they have charged my card for the last two months for $39.95 each of those two months. Most...
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Yes, you failed to thoroughly read the terms and conditions before you gave them your credit card info. You had to cancel within a certain time period or they charge you month...

I didn't like
  • Deceptive pricing
I made the mistake of signing up for a limited scope of their service that did not have the full credit reports (which, by the way, you can get FREE from ALL of the Credit Bureaus) . I had their service for, I guess, about 10 years with never any request for their...
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on may 30th I signed up with scoresense to check a credit score. I had till june 6th to cancel my, 1 dollar refundable, membership. I missed to june 6th deadline and called them on June 9th to cancel my membership and to request a refund. as of june 20 i have received...
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They have license to steal. They know people looking for their scores are under daily pressure and will forget to cancel membership. Scoresence are internet pirates. I will ne...

I liked
  • Getting my credit report
I didn't like
  • Site took my money without my permission
  • Payment was taken from my account without being contacted first
Yes, we contacted them by email and contacted our credit card company. Our credit card company told us that Scoresence gives you a teaser rate of $1 and then if you don't cancel, they raise the price to around $30 per month. They denied our request because they said we...
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Scoresense Verified Representative

Hello, we have sent you a private message with our contact details and a request for information so we can look into this for you. Thank you


Well to be completely honest it’s not illegal OR unethical as YOU AGREED TO THE TERMS OF THE OFFER!! The real problem is YOU DID NOT READ!! So how exactly is it their fault th...

I didn't like
  • Missing refund
I don’t recall signing up for this “service”. But at the time was working to build my credit, so I may have. Regardless, I recently experienced an identity breach. “I” immediately contacted the credit agencies and put my credit on hold. Several days later, I was...
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I am reading the same thing over and over. Do not recall signing up for this. I believe I paid a dollar for a credit report, but did not authorize the monthly 39.95 charge the...


Contact Scoresense

Mailing Address:
ScoreSense LLC
4447 North Central Expressway Suite 110 PMB 406
Dallas, Texas 75205
(800) 972-7204
Called one day late to cancel trial membership. They had charged checking account $39.95 for the current period and advised me that since I canceled today that I could not use the service for this period even after collecting the monthly fee. They stated they would...
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I had the same thing happen. I just needed a FICO score and don't remember signing up for Scoresense. I cancelled on the 7th day, received $1 back but was told I initiated my ...

I didn't like
  • Was they do business out to rip off anyone they can