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After multiple 8 attempts (4 written & 4 verbal)Score Sense has REFUSED to refund $479.20 that I never authorized them to bill to my credit card. On 7.7.16 I noticed a charge of $29.95 on my credit card statement.

I pay off my entire balance in full every month so I do not have to pay interest. Primary use of this card is for my kids private school to (auto debit) this account. On 7.7.16 I called the 855.259.1783 phone number that was listed on my credit card statement. I never received a bill or invoice, just a charge to my credit card.

It turns out this recurring charge had been ongoing since March 20, 2015! I immediately cancelled my service & began to pursue a Full Refund. My initial request for a full refund on 7.7.16 of $479.20 was not approved. They were only willing to credit back ONE of SIXTEEN month's charges for $29.95.

I wrote back, explained that was unacceptable, due to the fact that I was billed for a service that I never agreed to or authorized them to charge on my credit card. I followed up to that written request with a phone call & was transferred to the billing department. I was assured that my request was escalated to a supervisor for dispute resolution. On 7.9.16 I received a notice indicating that ONE additional month would now be credited, for a total of TWO months, still not the FULL REFUND!

This time I responded in writing & with a phone call. I was told again that my complaint was escalated and that I would receive a response within 24-48 hours. 7.12.16 I received an e-mail indicating two additional months would be credited along with a notice that my account had been closed. So now 4 of 16 months have been credited.

I called back the 855 # again and I explained the situation (for the 5th time to three different individuals) and asked to speak with the highest ranking supervisor. I was put on hold for ten minutes & was asked to leave a message. I received a call back the same day from a Ericka (a supervisor) indicating they would be willing to credit back an additional 4 now they were willing to credit back 8 of the 16 months of charges that I NEVER AUTHORIZED in the first place! I did NOT agree to their terms & insisted AGAIN on a FULL REFUND of the 16 months of bogus charges for a total of $479.20.

Immediately after we hung up, I received two additional e-mails from Score Sense reversing the 4 credits, denying the Approval that was previously granted so I am back to being charged $479.20 for a service that I never received or authorized them to bill for on my credit card. This entire company and it's so called service is a complete SCAM!

I do not know what else to do as a consumer that is why I am voicing this complaint in hopes of preventing this type of robbery to exist. I hope my complaint prevents others from being scammed by this terrible business.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Annandale, Virginia, United States #1196769

I am having the same problem with them. They took out $349 out of my account without authorization.

There must be a way of getting our money back.

They are a scam and no one should ever use them. Thank you for sharing and I feel your pain.

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