I have been a member with them for a VERY long time and i love the service everyone that works for them are all so helpful they are awesome. I have NEVER heard such ridiculous things such as what you lowlives are posting.

Learn to read the fine print guys.

Dont blame someone for your mistake on not being able to read. they help people each and every day they work for us.

they are just doing a job, no need to give them such a hard time.

Thank you scoresense for everything you do for me and my family and friends.

you are all awesome thank you so much !

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Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, United States #1182144

Your little essay isn't fooling anyone. You ARE Scoresense.

Have you ever heard- "What does it profit a man if he gains the world, only to lose his soul?" You can find it in the Bible. Is it really worth burning in *** for all eternity just to fraudulently line your pockets with other peoples' hard earned money?


Bull ***, You probably work for the bogus company, shame on you for writing this BS comment, you know very well that this company is about scamming people. The one that needs to learn how to read is you, along with the other scammers that you work with. I hope you all get caught, and put in jail for cheating people out of their hard earned money.


Blahahahah. Do you work for them? You could lay it on a little thinner and someone might actually believe you.

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