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I have sent emails and made phone calls to cancel this reoccuring 29.95 charge on my credit card to no avail. This is a service I never agreed to much less ordered.

I have been riddled with health problems for since May 2013. I have been in and out of the hospital or rehab all this year. Im just now feeling well enough to review my bank card history and realized they have continued to charge my account $29.95 all this time and never honored any of my cancellation attempts. They continued to debit my account.

Never intended on cancelling after any of my requests to cancel. They claim on the web to be a security company when THEY are the prime offenders. I am an elder 100% disabled citizen. Just who are they claiming to protect?

Except their own pockets!

This is stealing! They have to be stopped!

Product or Service Mentioned: Scoresense Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Actually, you DID agree to this when you signed up originally. You just didn't read thoroughly the fine print because it tells you the terms and conditions somewhere on the page(s) before you click "Ok" or "proceed" or "continue", etc.

In addition, you foolishly used a debit card, one of the worst things you can use not only in any store in town, but especially online. Always, always use a credit card when online. At this point, all you have to do is contact the card issuer and explain you are being automatically billed by Scoresense and you want it stopped but they won't cancel your account. The simplest way to stop them from billing is to cancel the card and get a new one if you simply must have a dangerous debit card.

Personally, I would cancel the debit card and get a credit card with a whole new account number, etc. Then, when Scoresense bills next month, it won't go thru as the account they have on file will be non-existent.

Good luck. Correcting this situation is not that difficult.

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