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aside from the few people that honestly did not know that their card information had been used to sign up .....it's your own fault that you were charged after the 7 day trial. It clearly states that after 7 days the card that you used to sign up with will be charged $40 bucks....what's the problem?

Most of these comments are "complaining" that you somehow thought that this service was only a dollar and you weren't "told" that you had to cancel....seriously guys.... how many "free trials" have we all signed up for through the years....how many of them are actually free or in this case $1.00 after the trial? What "adult" doesnt pay attention to the FINE PRINT. You're an idiot and you deserved to get charged.

This also doesnt count for the folks that ACTUALLY called and attempted to cancel before the trial ended or had some other issues with extra charges/refunds ect....it's totally their fault for charging you and you guys have every right to nail their *** to the wall for playing with your money and information. But for all of you crybaby *** people that randomly sign up for "free" *** and don't do what you are supposed to do to get it cancelled before you are charged....shut up and take your lick. No one held a gun to your head and made YOU give YOUR INFORMATION out to a site that says....clear as day....

that you will be charged if you dont cancel within the alloted time frame. Its your own fault so stop being a ***, stop blaming other people, own your *** and admit that you forgot that you signed up until you saw the charge on your statement....admit that you let the 7 days go by and tried to call on day 8+ and *** your way out of the charge.....admit that it's YOUR FAULT that you were charged and stop calling this site a scam that took your money when you volunteered your information and forgot you did it.

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Bologna! I cancelled on the 3rd day of the 7 day trial period, and I still didn't get a refund.

I've been reading about the bad things that Scoresense has done to customers.

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